Why Replace Your Pin Code Locks?

How many people have used a simple pin code to open a door before? Everybody has! The problem is they do a terrible job of keeping a door secure.

Once a code gets out, anybody can get in. This is not security, it’s insane! On top of pin codes being easily bypassed, pin codes have to be constantly changed when someone moves out or quits. That’s exhausting.

At NT Security, we can help. Our technology professionals have setup dozens of homeowner associations (HOAs) and hundreds of access control systems in Georgia. NT Security has mastered the artistry of customizing tailored security solutions for homeowners associations.

Our access control systems utilize the latest advances in proximity access card and access key fob technology to keeping your HOA or business safe and easier to manage. Get started with these three easy steps:

  1. One of our professionals will come out and assess your community.
  2. Get rid of those pin code locks and find the nearest trash can!
  3. Breathe easy, and smoothly manage community access.

There are so many pools, tennis courts and clubhouses in Georgia that are utilizing yesterdays pin code technology and just living with it, buy why? Imagine being able to manage community access from the comfort of your own home. Then imagine HOA clubhouse rentals being easier than ever maximizing profits for your community. Imagine a security company that stands behind their work and provides great support every day. Finally, imagine your community with a professional HOA security system custom installed by NT Security!

At NT Security we are getting rid of pin codes as quickly as we can to make your environment more safe and reliable every day. We leave the competition in the dust with our exclusive video surveillance integration capabilities too! What are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone and call today 678-886-1314 to get your free comprehensive plan and test drive our product.