Atlanta HOA Security Systems

At NT Security, we specialize in HOA security and surveillance. We offer comprehensive and affordable protection for your community. Our state-of-the-art systems include video surveillance systems with facial recognition and tag readers, access control systems, and security systems with monitoring.

HOA Security Services

We offer vehicle tag reader capture technology and facial recognition. Our state of the art systems are High Definition capable and have the ability to do forensic zooming further enabling more successful investigations of events. Our video surveillance systems are so easy to use and we have a fleet of mobile apps for your mobile devices so you can see the cameras at anytime, from anywhere!

HOA Access Control

Card reader and emergency release for homeowner association gate access.

Our access control systems give you an easy way to restrict access to your pools, tennis courts and clubhouse doors. The access control system can be managed by a designated board member or members who can easily add/delete users from the convenenice of their own home or we can manage it for you.  The key fobs are so small they fit perfectly on your key chain. Our video systems and access control systems really complement each other and provide the best protection from property damage and theft. Let our technology professionals provide you with a detailed security analysis to help you choose the best options for your community. Please call or send us an email to get started today!

HOA Security systems are really becoming more popular especially now since they are becoming so fully featured and nicely designed. While our security systems do provide a degree of deterrence our systems are designed and installed with aesthetics in mind to blend in with your decor for that custom look that really is made to impress.

What do our customers say?

March 1, 2013


Nick put in our first camera system in 2009, another in 2012 and two alarm systems in 2012.He came to quote security cameras on one building and left with two additional security contracts. Another time, he came to help me set up remote access with my phone and computer and wired a phone and fax line. Every time he is here, there is always something that leads him to say “Hey, I can take care of that for you”. We are very happy with the equipment, technology and with him. He is reliable, very knowledgeable, reasonable and honest. He always completes as promised. He’s not one of those guys that gets your business and runs. He keeps in touch checks to make sure you are satisfied that everything is in working order. I call him, text or email he gets back to me promptly, most times within minutes. He is the best.

A most happy customer,

Leta Reynolds

Operations Manager

Benamy International