Unable to view your cameras online anymore?

A very common occurrence today is people frequently change their home and business routers and Internet service providers. The systems we install require ports to be open for remote access and management. For a small fee we offer remote suppport assistance to help you with these issues and get your system up and running again. Call us to have your issue resolved today.

How can I change my master code to my alarm system?

If you are using an Ademco, Vista System enter your master code + 802 then your new 4 digit code twice and you should here one beep to confirm that it was changed. On a DSC system you will press *5 the current master code then 40 then the new 4 digit code and #.

How much recording time will my DVR get?

This depends on the size of your hard drive, the amount of cameras you have, the format, compression, and frame rate. On average most systems have 3 – 4 weeks of recorded video to view from, however this can be expanded to months with larger hard drives.

How long is the warranty on my system?

Our standard equipment warranty is one (1) year from the date of the completion of your project.

What happens after my warranty has expired?

If you have our NT Security Service Plan (NSSP), your equipment will stay protected for one low monthly fee, so there are no surprises. Also, with NSSP you receive annual on-site maintenance from our certified technicians to keep your system operating at peak performance. Ask about it and get signed up today!

Do the smoke detectors in my house call the fire department if there is a fire?

NO, only smoke detectors that are installed by your Security Company will contact the fire authorities in the event that there is a fire.

Do I recieve a Homeowners Insurance Discount for having a monitored security system?

Yes, up to 10% off for just Burglary Protection, add Fire Protection are recieve up to 20% discount depending on your insurance provider.