NT Security is now Axis Network Video Certified

We are happy to announce that NT Security has obtained yet another prestigious certification. NT Security now has Certified Axis High Definition Video Technicians on staff. The Axis Network Video Certification is a highly acclaimed certification that few companies can acquire because of its difficulty and the expertise required.

Axis Communicaitons Certified Professional

Did you know Axis was the first company to create a high definition security camera? Axis is the worldwide leader in high definition network video and has been for many years. Today, Axis has the most advanced High Definition Network Video Cameras with a multitude of options for every budget. When you want the best video security for your property, turn to NT Security. The high definition Axis Camera Security System are perfect for projects that require the upmost detail and the best security.

Axis cameras are different from the majority of the other camera systems on the market because they are highly customizable and have advanced features like Advanced Video Motion Detection and Light-finder Low Light High Performance Capability. Light-finder Technology allows your high performance cameras to see in more detail with less lighting than ever before.

Even if you already have a camera system, you may not be protected. Did you know that 80% of all video submitted to the police is unusable? Most video surveillance systems in the United States are poorly designed, bought out of a box kit and installation guesswork is the norm. Our professionals are ready to provide you with a customized, calculated approach to make sure your property is properly protected with Axis Video Camera Technology.

Call one of our technology professionals today for a free comprehensive site evaluation to show you what our Axis security camera solutions can do for you!