Atlanta Alarm System Registration

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Cry Wolf laws help cities ensure that police, fire, and ambulance services aren’t responding to false alarms.

Back in 2013, Atlanta-area cities and counties began passing false alarm reduction laws requiring annual alarm registration to help ensure local police and first responders weren’t wasting time going out on bogus calls.

Here at NT Security, we believe the best solution to false alarms is a professionally installed and maintained alarm system that doesn’t overwhelm emergency services or get business owners out of bed in the middle of the night for no reason.  We know the problem out there is real, and we support reasonable Cry Wolf laws that free up Emergency Services for legitimate, critical calls.

Renew Your Alarm Permit Annually

It is important you understand and comply with local code, so you don’t end up with unexpected fines.  Depending on where you live or run your business, the requirements and registration fees can be very different.  For most businesses within the Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett Counties area, this means alarm system owners must register monitored alarm systems with your local police department for a small fee ($5-$35) and renew that alarm permit every year.

Alarm system registration is required annually

The best way to prevent false alarms is to have your system professionally installed, maintained, and monitored.

NT Security Alarm Monitoring Customers need to do this every year.  Let us know if you have questions or how we can help.

Registration is typically only required for monitored systems which automatically alert call centers and 911 services.  There are exceptions, but the laws generally include both residential and business security systems. For stand-alone fire alarms and intrusion deterrence systems that don’t alert emergency services, registration is generally not required.  Again, check with your local police department or municipal website to confirm.

Atlanta Area Alarm Registration Info

To stay current with your local laws, please consult the links below, where you can quickly access explanations of your local policy and online registration forms.

Note: For NT Security Customers, it is important that you list Criticom Monitoring Services as your alarm monitoring service in alarm registration forms and paperwork, *not NT Security* .  Criticom provides our customers with the very best, triple-redundant and always-on alarm response center to ensure fast and reliable handling of emergency alerts.

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