The 2G Sunset is Coming to You

The AT&T 2G Sunset Has BegunThat’s right, if your alarm system cellular transmitter (GSM) was installed before 2012 there is a strong chance it is using 2G technology. AT&T is already starting to take down the 2G network nationwide, and it will be finalized by January 2017. The alarm system industry will be adversely affected by the 2G sunset, which has already started to knock some systems offline.

At NT Security, we are pushing all of our monitored security clients to get upgraded to a 3G/4G cell radio, which will future-proof their security. The security professionals at NT Security can best assist you in determining which technology you have and what upgrades are available for your security system. Don’t be left in the dark by the 2G Sunset, call us today so we can assess your security situation and provide a sensible solution.

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