Update to HD Without Changing Cables

maintain_bannerAre you interested in updating your current video monitoring security system to high definition but holding off because you don’t want to replace all the cables you’ve already installed for your standard definition? Now there is a solution for you: Digital Watchdog’s new analog high definition (AHD) video security system.

The great part about Digital Watchdog’s new AHD system is that you can replace your current standard definition camera system without having to replace any of your cables. You can replace your outdated equipment, get high definition security, and save money. It is even compatible with most camera systems, so you don’t have to replace those either.

Other benefits include a mobile app for real time monitoring, event notification via email and text, an easy to use web-based client, and 4,8, and 16 channel models. For more information contact NT Security today at  (678) 886-1314 or by email at [email protected].


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