Cloud Based Access Control

Cloud Access Control is easy with Brivo AirPass

Give your customers, vendors, employees easy, secure access from their phone.

A cloud based access control system is the easy and affordable new way to stay on top of who’s getting into your building and when.  Stop wasting time and money managing on-site servers and physical keys for every door and employee.  Move your facility access and security management to the cloud and get back to business.

Remote access control systems are great for larger businesses who need to manage hundreds of entry points across multiple locations.  It’s perfect for small to medium businesses (SMB) who want to start small without the hassle and expense of on-site servers and IT resources.

While traditional control-panel systems require somebody to be on location, cloud-based access control systems like Brivo OnAir free you up to manage and schedule all of your building access concerns remotely via an encrypted mobile connection.

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  • Worried about that disgruntled employee you had to let go this morning?  Simply open up your mobile app and switch off his access to your building.  Done. Peace of mind.
  • You’re on a business trip in Seattle, but your HVAC guy needs to service your warehouse in Atlanta? No problem. Buzz him in from your phone.
  • Your secretary left her access card on the train or lost her iPhone?  Immediately disable and replace those credentials for instant continuity.

Cloud Based Access Control vs Traditional Control Panel Security

Cloud Based Access Control is easy with Brivo OnAir mobile management

Easily manage personnel and access to all of your facilities securely from your mobile device with Brivo OnAir.

NT Security offers cloud based access control and video to keep your business more secure while taking strain off of IT resources.  Traditional server-based security systems typically consist of an onsite server or DVR to control your cameras or access systems.  More and more businesses are taking advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer.


Benefits of Cloud Based Remote Access Control Systems

  • No on-site servers or appliances means it’s easy and affordable to get started.
  • Eliminate the need for physical cards and readers. Simply activate and deactivate privileges.
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Easily manage different security levels for each area of your facility
  • Provide your customers, vendors, and employees singular credentials to access everything at multiple locations.
  • Start small now with no infrastructure.  Effortlessly add more doors and new locations later.
  • Schedule access for timed events like community pool and tennis courts, open houses, church services, and vacation rentals.

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