NT Security LLC is proud to be a Honeywell authorized dealer and service partner for Honeywell MaxPro Cloud and other Honeywell Security products.

Honeywell has long been one of the best recognized and most trusted names in the security industry.  Their history of affordable and innovative products have made it possible for smaller businesses and homeowners to enjoy the safety and peace of mind of quality access control solutions, video surveillance (cctv), monitored alarm systems, and integrated security system packages provide.

Honeywell MaxPro Cloud

What if your security equipment could also be used as a business tool?  That’s what happens when you get the Honeywell MaxPro Cloud integrated system, which combines your video and controlled entry points from multiple locations into one cloud-based mobile interface.

Honeywell MaxPro Cloud tablet

MaxPro Cloud makes it easy to view integrated access control and video surveillance data all in one interface.

  • MaxPro Cloud streamlines your building security data and reduces the complexity of your access control and video surveillance systems.  It surfaces the critical security and business intelligence you need to run and protect your business.
  • MaxPro Cloud is always on and always available from the cloud whether you’re at home, at the office or away on travel.
  • MaxPro Cloud requires a bare minimum of cabling and infrastructure, meaning it’s inexpensive and easily installed in just about any connected building.
  • MaxPro Cloud is easy to use, meaning you–the business owner–can easily manage administration and monitoring without additional IT resources.
  • MaxPro Cloud is easily scalable, making it easy to scale up or down or relocate as your business grows.

Learn more about Honeywell MaxPro Cloud and contact us for a quick quote customized to your business needs.