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Frustrated with the challenges of setting up and managing remote video surveillance, the famous CEO of Barracuda Networks Dean Drako started his own company, Eagle Eye Networks to solve the problem once-and-for-all and make video security easily accessible and affordable for businesses of any size.

Now, Eagle Eye Networks (EEN) enjoys industry-leading status as a provider of the most foolproof and downright easiest video management solutions (VMS) for integrated security systems and a wide range of other video-based applications.  NT Security in Atlanta GA is proud to be certified as an official reseller and professional installer for Eagle Eye Networks cloud video solutions.

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Here is the pw to our free, live demo of Eagle Eye’s amazingly powerful and affordable cloud surveillance video solution.  Try it out.

Eagle Eye Video Management System (VMS)

By moving video management into the cloud, Eagle Eye Networks has taken all of the headaches and tedium out of traditional video surveillance systems, freeing up business owners to start using video as a productivity asset instead of a frustrating security chore.

Diagram: Eagle Eye Networks Video Management System (VMS)

Eagle Eye Networks’ Video Management System (VMS) takes all of the headaches out of video surveillance and gives you simple, secure access to multiple locations from any authorized device.

NT Security customers absolutely love how dead simple and easy-to-use Eagle Eye Networks cloud video is.  When you pull up crystal clear streaming video or quickly find old footage from your smart phone, you’ll wonder where this has been all your life.

  • Simple plug and play. No software & or servers to manage
  • Use your existing IP or analog cameras or purchase just about any camera you want from this extensive camera compatibility list.
  • Flexible pricing per camera, by resolution, and storage duration for affordable scalability
  • Secure video transmissions are always encrypted
  • Simple and seamless remote access from desktop or mobile
  • View, manage, search, and retrieve footage from connected devices
  • Easy integration with access control systems like Brivo
  • Flexible storage options allow you to keep different durations of video footage in the cloud and/or on-site. Store some or all on both or whatever suits your requirements!

Eagle Eye Camera Bridges (IP & Analog)

Camera bridges connect all of your cameras, whether analog or IP based via lightning-fast GigE network ports and provide 48 hours of video buffering. IP-only or analog combo camera bridges are sized by number of cameras, so whether you have 6 or 60 cameras, there’s a box to fit your budget now and easy expansion later.

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Video Management System works with just about any professional IP or analog camera.

Eagle Eye Cloud Managed Video Recorders (CMVRs)

For ultimate flexibility and optional on-site storage of your camera footage, Eagle Eye Networks CMVRs come in a variety of sizes and models to match your camera capacity and storage needs. Store up to 90 days of SD camera footage from 180 (or fewer!) cameras on-premise with an Eagle Eye Networks CMVR. Quickly search and retrieve your on-site footage easily from anywhere. Cloud managed video recorders easily integrate with your cloud-based subscription. Get the best of both worlds with on-site and cloud-based video surveillance footage storage and retrieval.

Eagle Eye Networks Subscriptions (Cloud & On-Premise)

Eagle Eye Network cloud subscriptions are priced per camera, per resolution, and storage duration (typically 7 or 30 days). These flexible options give businesses of any size the ability to start small now and easily expand as needs change.

All subscriptions provide frictionless remote viewing, management, and footage retrieval from any authenticated desktop or mobile phone connection.

While CMVR or on-site footage can be accessed easily from any camera with an Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Subscription, supplemental CMVR subscriptions are available for cameras without a cloud subscription. Whatever your mix of cloud-based and on-site video footage, the Eagle Eye Networks Video Management System (VMS) enables dead simple viewing, management, and retrieval from your favorite device.

Video is Now a Productivity Tool Too

Learn more about what you can do with Eagle Eye Networks’ easy-as-pie cloud video surveillance tools.  Eagle Eye Networks has helped all kinds of businesses big and small quickly and securely implement custom video solutions to suit not only their security needs but business productivity gains and solve remote management issues.

Get a fast, custom quote from NT Security LLC, one of Atlanta’s only Eagle Eye Networks certified dealers and five-star rated installation and support professionals.

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