Doorking (DKS) Access Control Solutions

Since 1948, there has been only one industry leader providing Access Control technology to America’s businesses and gated communities—DoorKing (DKS). NT Security is proud to be a DoorKing (DKS) Authorized Installer and Service Provider.

DoorKing (DKS) Logo

NT Security is an authorized DoorKing (DKS) installer and service provider

Importance of Working with DoorKing (DKS) Authorized Installers & Dealers

  • Factory trained means we get it done quickly and correctly the first time.
  • NT Security customers get the Doorking Factory Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • DoorKing only markets its products to professional companies licensed to sell, install and service vehicular gate operating systems and access control equipment.
  • DoorKing only recognizes and backs up equipment purchased and serviced by official dealers and installers
  • NT Security customers get the assurance of installations that are fully compliant with International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC) and International Residential Code (IRC). This is critical for satisfying local building codes and ensuring the safety of vehicles and persons passing through your controlled entries.

From the beginning, Doorking (DKS) has remained committed to two things–innovation and safety. These commitments, along with rock solid customer service and support, have consistently provided Doorking (DKS) customers with reliable, complete solutions for controlled gates, barriers, doors, telephone entry systems, traffic limiters, and even maximum security solutions.

With NT Security, you get industry-leading equipment and guaranteed installations that last.