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NT Security is your Amazon Key for Business (KFB) Certified Partner for Atlanta
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Amazon Key for Business is Completely Free and perfect for Apartments, Gated Communities, and Office buildings

Amazon Key for Business (KFB) connects with a smart fob to let building owners and managers safely & seamlessly grant access to Amazon’s fully vetted and tracked delivery drivers

Fast & Secure Delivery Means Happy Tenants

You’ve probably noticed your residents doing more of their shopping online and taking delivery at-home. Faster, easier deliveries for your apartment building or gated community residents means fewer hassles for you and your customers.

  • Faster delivery of packages, including same-day
  • Critical delivery of groceries and stay-at-home needs
  • Fewer stolen or misplaced packages
  • Verified drivers

Frictionless Access Control For Easy Property Management

Key for Business is simple and secure. Our multi-factor authentication, controlled delivery windows, cloud-based tracking of packages in the vehicle means the only drivers entering your property have a clear, authorized purpose.

  • Customizable delivery hours
  • Easy tracking of delivery drivers
  • Effortless management
  • Free & powered by Amazon

Common Questions about Amazon Key for Business

How Much Does it Cost?

Amazon is pleased to provide our Key for Business update absolutely free as a courtesy to your staff and residents.

What is Amazon Key for Business?

Amazon Key for Business is a new security update and procedural fix for delivering packages to multi-family buildings. Amazon will now use AWS Cloud Technology to track our packages and track our delivery drivers. Building owners and managers that participate in the update, will use this same cloud technology to control access of Amazon delivery drivers and create specific package delivery instructions for your building.

How Does It Work?

Moving forward, all Amazon delivery drivers will carry a smartphone that is connected to the AWS Cloud. When an Amazon delivery driver arrives at a building updated with Key for Business, the AWS Cloud will recognize it in real time. At that moment, step by step instructions will be sent to the delivery driver’s smartphone. The instructions will inform the delivery driver exactly how to enter the building and where the packages are to be safely delivered. The smartphone will also work directly with the building electronic entryway, providing one-time approved access for our driver to complete their delivery.

Is Amazon Key for Business Safe?

This update will make your buildings smarter and more secure. The Cloud technology uses multi-factor authentication to ensure that delivery drivers will only gain access to your building if they have a package scheduled for delivery. All Amazon delivery drivers must pass a comprehensive, multi-state, background and DMV check. Amazon delivery drivers will not be given physical keys, fobs, or access codes to any buildings. All entry information is stored in the cloud. Building owners and managers can also set delivery time windows and only grant access at select entry points. For example, if management would prefer no packages or delivery drivers to have access after 6pm, that is an instruction you could set.

What are the benefits?

Key for Business will increase resident satisfaction with reliable same day, next day, and grocery deliveries. The update will also reduce the number of misplaced or stolen packages. Key for Business will relieve operational demands on building staff, no more managing errant packages or resident complaints. Key for Business allows owners and management to track and verify all Amazon delivery drivers on site. 

How to Update?

To update Key for Business, we simply need to send an authorized Amazon Technician to your property and pair the
smartphone app with your current electronic entryway system. This will take about an hour and we will need a property staff member on site to accompany our technician. We will install a 6” by 6” companion device near the brains of your current entry way system, usually in the electrical closet or basement.