Think Power and Communication Limit Your Options With Outdoor Security Monitoring? Think Again!

We often hear our customers say that they don’t think they are able to install outdoor security in certain places around their property because of limitations in power supply or being able to connect to communication lines to the main security system. While those limitations were once a real concern, due to advances in technology, that is no longer the case.

Battery power and wireless communication, wifi, have made the installation of cameras outdoors a simple and affordable solution. These cameras are able to communicate with the main security system located in the house to record video or alert the users and monitoring company if there is a breach in security. These solutions also allow for installations to be hidden if the home or business would like to make sure the security systems are not visible to others.

One concern with battery powered installations is often the battery time. Who would really want to go outside and change out batteries every month or so. Great news is that you don’t have to change them that frequently at all. There are options, including D cell batteries, that allow the cameras to run for up to four years or more without having to be changed. With these advances in technology, outdoor security monitoring can be placed anywhere.