Reinforce Your Doors to Prevent Kick-Ins

Many home and business owners skip some basic security measures that can keep you safe. Securing your property after you have been hit by an intruder is a good idea, but it’s even better to address these deficiencies before you have an issue. To make matters even worse, some people and even security “experts” think popping in an alarm or a few cameras will solve their security issues. Wrong!

Did you know that 85% of break-ins are door kick-ins? Make sure to check all your accessible doors to verify they are strong at the latch point and the hinges. Your doors may require reinforcement and higher security locks to physically protect your property from kick-ins. With properly reinforced doors, a professionally installed alarm system, some properly placed cameras and exterior lighting, you can drastically improve your home or businesses security.

At NT Security, we take your security seriously every day. We take a comprehensive approach to your security in order to ensure your safety. When we come out to your home or business, you can rest assured we will be taking the right steps are to properly secure your property. Are you unsure what measures your home or business needs? Call the technology and physical security professionals at NT Security today to get your comprehensive, risk free analysis and professional proposal to take care of those security needs.