Well-Lit Home at Night

Protect Your Property with Lighting

Lighting your home or business is an excellent deterrent for potential burglars or intruders. At NT Security, we recommend a balance of fixed lighting and motion detection lighting for optimal security.

A dark home or business with poor lighting is much more likely to be broken into than a well lit location. With the advances in technology like CFL and LED lighting formats, you can outfit your home’s exterior for a lower cost and with less maintenance than traditional bulbs.

Both interior lighting and exterior lighting help safeguard your home. Interior lights help to show signs of activity inside a home. Use timers for interior lights towards the front of the home to make the home appear occupied.  For the exterior of your property, utilized fixed lighting and motion sensors, especially at the rear of the house.

Lighting can also help the effectiveness of your security cameras.  Unless you have invested in infrared cameras, light is needed to see activity from your video cameras.  Every location has dark spots somewhere on the exterior of the property.  The key areas to light are doors, entry points, walkways and pools.  In addition to being a security deterrent, lighting can help with visibility and safety around potential hazards like dark walkways, pools, and other bodies of water.

If good lighting is not enough to give you peace of mind, we can install a video surveillance system that works wonderfully with your well-lit home or business. You can view your cameras 24/7 while at home or on the go! Ask one of our security professionals for a free on site security analysis to shed some light on your security needs.