Think Power and Communication Limit Your Options With Outdoor Security Monitoring? Think Again!

We often hear our customers say that they don’t think they are able to install outdoor security in certain places around their property because of limitations in power supply or being able to connect to communication lines to the main security system. While those limitations were once a real concern, due to advances in technology, that is no longer the case.
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Why Replace Your Pin Code Locks?

How many people have used a simple pin code to open a door before? Everybody has! The problem is they do a terrible job of keeping a door secure.

Once a code gets out, anybody can get in. This is not security, it’s insane! On top of pin codes being easily bypassed, pin codes have to be constantly changed when someone moves out or quits. That’s exhausting. Continue Reading

NT Security is now Axis Network Video Certified

We are happy to announce that NT Security has obtained yet another prestigious certification. NT Security now has Certified Axis High Definition Video Technicians on staff. The Axis Network Video Certification is a highly acclaimed certification that few companies can acquire because of its difficulty and the expertise required.
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2G Sunset in 2017

The 2G Sunset is Coming to You

The AT&T 2G Sunset Has BegunThat’s right, if your alarm system cellular transmitter (GSM) was installed before 2012 there is a strong chance it is using 2G technology. AT&T is already starting to take down the 2G network nationwide, and it will be finalized by January 2017. The alarm system industry will be adversely affected by the 2G sunset, which has already started to knock some systems offline.

At NT Security, we are pushing all of our monitored security clients to get upgraded to a 3G/4G cell radio, which will future-proof their security. The security professionals at NT Security can best assist you in determining which technology you have and what upgrades are available for your security system. Don’t be left in the dark by the 2G Sunset, call us today so we can assess your security situation and provide a sensible solution.

Flir Cloud Video Surveillance

Security should be easy and we have the solution to remove the hassle from video surveillance configuration, setup and monitoring. Viewing high definition cameras is easier than ever before!

No more complicated port forwarding, router issues and technician service calls to see your cameras on your mobile devices. Never worry again about router changes, ISP changes, because we are now proud to offer Flir Cloud High Definition Video Surveillance solutions.

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HD vs. Analog Video Surveillance (1080p vs. D1 Resolution)

Have you considered buying a new video surveillance system for your home or business? Not so fast! There are a ton of systems being offered at big box stores that are economically priced, but they might not be the right fit for you.

Most of the cheap video systems on the market come with cheap quality cables, low resolution cameras and a DVR made from who knows where. In the end, you most likely will be unsatisfied with the quality of your investment, and buyer’s regret could be in your future. Continue Reading

Well-Lit Home at Night

Protect Your Property with Lighting

Lighting your home or business is an excellent deterrent for potential burglars or intruders. At NT Security, we recommend a balance of fixed lighting and motion detection lighting for optimal security.

A dark home or business with poor lighting is much more likely to be broken into than a well lit location. With the advances in technology like CFL and LED lighting formats, you can outfit your home’s exterior for a lower cost and with less maintenance than traditional bulbs. Continue Reading