Honeywell Video Alarm Verification

What is trending in security? Right now Honeywell is offering a new product called Video Alarm Verification. This add-on to your existing alarm system will allow the monitoring personnel to look back in time to see what proceeded an alarm event, and to the current time to see what is going on during an emergency event.  

This can help determine if an alarm is a false alarm, if the intruder is armed, and more. This can provide emergency response personnel with more information when responding to the alarm which can help protect the responders, your customers, and your business.

The same is true for your home and the loved ones inside. This can also allow you to view what caused an alarm at your home or business. This footage can also be used after an emergency to find intruders and to help prosecute. Whether you are purchasing a new alarm system for your home or business, or you are considering a video add-on, this new solution is a great option. It provides an added level of security by providing monitoring personnel and you with an additional real-time view of an alarm event.