HD Video Now Available Over Coax

We are excited to offer the most cost effective way to upgrade your video surveillance cameras without the hassle and expense of having to re-wire. The new FLIR MPX High Definition Camera System boasts 720p resolution, which gives you the best blend of day and night vision for your home or business security needs.

Think you want 1080p quality? Not so fast! While 1080p HD camera systems provide stunning detail for well lit 24/7 locations, they don’t perform near as well as the in low light. The FLIR MPX 720p system includes HD-CVI MPX day/night technology which is great at night and on cloudy days.

Benefits of MPX technology:

  • Upgrade to analog HD seamlessly with simple, low-cost installation
  • Megapixel & uncompressed image quality —1080p (1920×1080) & 720p (1280×720)
  • Long range, zero-latency, reliable video transmission (without the addition of relay devices)
  • Strong anti-interference capability
  • Support for 960H and other analog surveillance standards
  • Constant and reliable signal transmission for smooth display without loss
  • Open analog HD transmission standard rapidly gaining acceptance and popularity


FLIR MPX outperforms HD-TVI, the other major competing technology provider for HD-over-coax based on the following advantages.

  • Enhanced color reproduction
  • Crisper images with sharp edges
  • Improved exposure control for greater detail and uniform luminance
  • Superior IR performance in various environments
  • Exceptional long-distance video performance that is virtually free of degradation
  • Duplex transmission: HD video, PTZ and OSD menu control & two-way audio over coax
  • Auto detection on both DVR and camera

FLIR MPX system comes with either a 4-camera or 8-camera package that will instantly transform your old coax-based camera system into an HD viewing experience. These cameras are sturdy, waterproof and have a white casing, so they can blend into any decor.

The best thing about having NT Security install a FLIR MPX system is that you will save a ton of money if you already have cameras that use coax cables. Don’t have any cameras yet? No problem! Our technology professionals will come give you a free security assessment and determine what options are best for your configuration and budget. What are you waiting for call us today!