The Wild West of Access Control

Secure Your Business from the Cloud

Access control is no longer the wild west. Many businesses used to install and maintain access control software on a local computers, but there’s a better way.  Local systems can be more expensive, require more maintenance, and decrease the level of security for a business.

With a cloud-based system the access control platform, database and control panel are all hosted online, removing the need for on-site software and extra hardware. In a cloud-based model, users can access their control panel anywhere with an internet connection.

Many providers have a full suite of mobile and web apps to increase the ease of access management. Companies like Linear are even creating cash rewards to trade in outdated systems and migrate to the cloud.

At NT Security, we recommend migrating to the cloud.  There are a number of options, but one we particularly like right now is the Linear Emerge Essentials Access Control System.

This cloud-based access control system can be accessed in any Web browser, which is both IT Friendly and virtually immune to viruses.  Users can have full control from your iPhone and iPad, allowing management from the palm of your hand. You can easily manage employees and grant access while on the go.

Linear’s user friendly system is expandable up to 64 doors, so you can assure it will allow for company growth. The Emerge Essentials Access Control System now has a video surveillance interface, so you can have seamless video integration at an affordable price.

Features and Capabilities

  • Shared hardware and software architecture across all eMerge E3-Series means easy upgrades and expansion
  • Reliable, IT-friendly embedded Linux operating system eliminates virus/spyware attacks and operating system update dependency
  • eMerge Essential and Essential Plus supply the right amount of access control businesses need with out-of-the box expansion capability
  • Intuitive quick-start wizard allows for ultra-fast setup, saves hours of time versus traditional systems.
  • Browser-based management enables system status and updates from any place, with any browser, on any operating system
  • Easily scalable via software upgrade to higher-capacity E3-Series eMerge systems
  • 100% solid state components for extended service life
  • Includes ODBC-compliant MySQL database with API