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NT Security is now Axis Network Video Certified

We are happy to announce that NT Security has obtained yet another prestigious certification. NT Security now has Certified Axis High Definition Video Technicians on staff. The Axis Network Video Certification is a highly acclaimed certification that few companies can acquire because of its difficulty and the expertise required.
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2G Sunset in 2017

The 2G Sunset is Coming to You

The AT&T 2G Sunset Has BegunThat’s right, if your alarm system cellular transmitter (GSM) was installed before 2012 there is a strong chance it is using 2G technology. AT&T is already starting to take down the 2G network nationwide, and it will be finalized by January 2017. The alarm system industry will be adversely affected by the 2G sunset, which has already started to knock some systems offline.

At NT Security, we are pushing all of our monitored security clients to get upgraded to a 3G/4G cell radio, which will future-proof their security. The security professionals at NT Security can best assist you in determining which technology you have and what upgrades are available for your security system. Don’t be left in the dark by the 2G Sunset, call us today so we can assess your security situation and provide a sensible solution.

HD vs. Analog Video Surveillance (1080p vs. D1 Resolution)

Have you considered buying a new video surveillance system for your home or business? Not so fast! There are a ton of systems being offered at big box stores that are economically priced, but they might not be the right fit for you.

Most of the cheap video systems on the market come with cheap quality cables, low resolution cameras and a DVR made from who knows where. In the end, you most likely will be unsatisfied with the quality of your investment, and buyer’s regret could be in your future. Continue Reading

AT&T 2G Sunet

AT&T to Sunset 2G Cellular Support

Wireless alarm monitoring through cellular networks is a smart choice for home and small business alarm systems. Although landlines used to be the industry standard, cellular monitoring has a number of benefits  to protect your house in an emergency.  Unlike phone lines, cellular networks will not be interrupted if your phone line goes down, gets cut, or goes out of service.

Cellular network speeds and capabilities have continued to improve over the past decade, but with increased performance comes the sunset of old services. AT&T announced plans to sunset its 2G network by January 1, 2017.  Just as any old cell phones, wireless alarm systems utilizing 2G technology will need to be replaced by the end of 2016. Continue Reading

Protect Your Home From a Big Freeze and Water Damage

The recent deep freeze throughout the state of Georgia and most of the United States has caused a lot of busted pipes and water damage. Damages from floods and freezing temperatures can cause personal and financial devastation for homeowners, but there is a way to respond quicker in the event of flooding in your house. Temperature and flood sensors are designed for flood detection and to alert the homeowner of abnormal temperatures on their phone or through email.

Water damage and freezing claims average over $6,300 for individual homeowner insurance.

The problem with traditional sensors is that they require a wire run from the placement of the sensor to your alarm system.  Not only is this cost prohibitive for many homeowners, but the spots in your house that may flood first or reach the coldest temperatures may not be easily accessible with a wire.

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