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RTIC Coolers Warehouse Gets Gigabit WIFI Network in Atlanta GA | NT Security LLC

Case Study: Huge RTIC Coolers Warehouse Gets Blanketed With WIFI

Situation: Large Modern Warehouse Demands Capable Bandwidth

“A big mess of spaghetti” described the network situation at the massive new RTIC Coolers warehouse in Atlanta. RTIC Coolers, an innovative Yeti competitor, had moved into a shared warehouse that lacked the state-of-the-art network and connectivity capacity needed for running real-time fulfillment, cloud access control, cloud video security, and staff management systems.

The problems began with a limping 4G router system that simply couldn’t keep up with demand and wasn’t 100% reliable. Beyond that, the rack room was a mess, with wires all over the place, and no cloud-based management console for monitoring and managing network assets, access control, or performance.

RTIC Coolers also needed a fully-modernized network for handling power-over-internet (POE) timeclocks and voice-over-internet (VOIP) phones, and to supply shipping information to an impressive, high-volume labeling system that ensures the boxes are ready to ship when the trucks show up.

Approach: Design Build Gigabit Network & WIFI for Large Space

To sort everything out and set up a professional warehouse network from the ground up, RTIC Coolers turned over the whole mess to Nick Tinsley and the NT Security LLC team in Lilburn GA. The design build project encompassed a wide range of requirements and considerations beyond simple installation of security hardware.

Network Diagram: RTIC Coolers Warehouse Gets High Speed WIFI Network from NT Security LLC

Network map illustration showing some components of Gigabit WIFI network and Cloud Security infrastructure at RTIC Coolers warehouse in Atlanta GA

Main Distribution Frame & Fiber Optic Cabling

Work began with getting the telecommunications rack room and main distribution frame (MDF) cleaned up and ready for Gigabit, broad-spectrum internet connectivity. The team then ran CAT6 ethernet cabling throughout the facility and over 500 ft of Armored Fiber Optic cable for optimal capacity and scalability into the future.

Professionally Installed Wireless Access Points

Professional Gigabit Wifi Router for warehouse

Full coverage and always-on WIFI for large buildings and warehouses requires professional installation of Gigabit routers, line, and distribution hardware.

With network cabling in-place, intermediate distribution frames (IDF) were connected and wireless access points (WAP) were professionally installed throughout the facility at strategic locations for maximum WIFI coverage and reliability.

When it comes to wireless access points (wifi), today’s modern warehouses and real-time inventory management systems require professional installation to ensure 100% coverage and reliability. Every business and every building is different. Warehouses in particular are especially tricky because of the metal shelving and heavy machinery. While tempting to take shortcuts–we see it all the time–installing your own residential-grade access points and WIFI routers might seem efficient but ends up costing you in rework down the road and plenty in lost productivity and headaches in the meantime. When you want it done right, do it like RTIC Coolers and get a professional to help you design for maximum coverage.

VOIP Phones & POE Timeclocks

From here, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones, intercoms, and Power Over Ethernet (POE) time clocks were connected and synchronized over the network for ease-of-access and maximum staff productivity. Single wire provisioning of large areas like warehouses not only saves on initial cabling & maintenance costs, it allows maximum flexibility for future changes and ensures everything is efficient to manage.

Nick’s team ran phone and data cables to our time clocks and telephones and built our telecommunication rack and installed everything. They were on time and very quick and very knowledgeable.
Todd Davis, Site Manager, RTIC / CCMB

Cloud-based Security and Access Control

Finally, facility security systems were connected to the new gigabit framework and integrated into an all-in-one Brivo On Air security system management console in the cloud. This meant the building’s bay doors, employee access keypads, and other physical security hardware were all managed and monitored from one simple, cloud-based interface.

Brivo’s amazing cloud-based system takes all the pain out of managing keycards and access requests for new employees, contractors, guests, and janitorial staff. Plus, system settings and video surveillance footage are always backed up and readily available from anywhere via secure mobile app.

Results: New Network Makes Communications & Cloud Security Effortless

Professionally installed network infrastructure combined with cloud-based physical security is a double productivity win for RTIC Coolers. Not only can they run and grow a modern warehouse with the speed, wifi coverage, and network bandwidth they need, they also no longer have to worry about network downtime and troubleshooting. The new system is runs reliably and proactively alerts support technicians of any failures before they become a problem.

Awesome job and great people. Now we have better communication.
Todd Davis, Site Manager, RTIC / CCMB

In our age of real-time fulfillment and inventory control, warehouses simply cannot afford network interruptions and downtime that often accompany do-it-yourself installs and residential-grade hardware.

New Gigabit WIFI, Distribution Frames, and Armored Fiber Optic cable means RTIC Coolers warehouse can keep up with demand.

New Gigabit WIFI, Distribution Frames, and Armored Fiber Optic cable means RTIC Coolers warehouse can keep up with demand.

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